Clan Donald DNA Project – Haplogroup R1b – Black subgroup

A place for comment and exploration for the Black sub-group of the Clan Donald DNA Project

Surname information

Under construction

Sources: Clan Donald DNA Project (FTDNA), MacNeil DNA Project (FTDNA), SMGF database and

The surnames with more than one individual and which have a paper trail in Scotland include: Buie, MacDonald and MacNeil.

Surnames with only one individual, but who have a paper trail in Scotland include: Carmichael (Isle of Lismore), McKain (Caithness), MacPherson (Barra) and Petrie (Angus).

Other surnames, but with no Scottish paper trail include: Arceneaux (Nova Scotia), Best (PA, USA), Borgonhe (Brazil), Carlson (McNeil, Barra), Cameron, Curtis (Nova Scotia), Graham (Georgia, USA), Layton (Norfolk, England), Morrison (USA), O’Neil, Shay and Williams.

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