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A place for comment and exploration for the Black sub-group of the Clan Donald DNA Project

Kit 162876 – Williams

The family story of this participant is that their ancestor came originally from the Island of Jura and changed their name upon arriving in the colonies.

Living (xxxx-)

Russell Sage Williams 
Born – 1886
Marr – Rosa Jane Howell

Cornelius Hurley Williams
Born – 1856
Marr – Jane Bankhead

Abraham  Williams
born – 1813
Marr – Frankie Ocheltree
John Williams (jnr)
Born – 1777
Marr – Mary Byrne

John Williams (snr)
Born – 1738 (location not known)
Marr – 1775 Ann Jones in Albemarle County Virgina, USA

This John (snr) was known as John of the Flatlands of Braxton County West Virginia.


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  James David BUIE wrote @

I seem to recall having seen this family’s story in my trevels through the internet, in search of my own genealogy. It seems they were of clan MacDonell of Glengarry, as I recall, and made the surname change in order to avoid being traced to their new home in America. I don’t recall all of the details, but found the story rather interesting. Best Regards, Jim BUIE.

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